The Project

This curriculum renewal project sought to understand the ways in which teaching and learning in Indigenous Australian studies can transform tertiary education as a pathway to social justice and empowerment for Indigenous peoples. The study took place in five key centres: The University of Queensland, Monash University, University of Technology Sydney, Charles Darwin University, and University of Newcastle. The original aim of the project was to evaluate the effectiveness of “Problem Based-Learning” (PBL) as transformative education in Indigenous Australian studies at tertiary level. The project findings highlight that there are diverse ways that the approach is adapted in Indigenous Australian studies and a more inclusive term for the approach was needed to engage multiple perspectives and make space for change and the dynamic nature of this curriculum area. The term “PEARL” was developed as a way of encompassing the political, embodied, active, and reflective aspects of this learning approach. For a full report on the project visit the OLT website. The next stages of the project are to explore PEARL as transformative education in other levels of education (early childhood, primary and secondary).